About Me

Afakasi (ˈɑ:fəkəsi) noun. 1. half-caste 2. an individual with both Samoan and European descent.

Hello and welcome to Afakasi Prints! My name is Amanda and I am the creative mind behind Afakasi Prints, finding inspiration for my designs from my Polynesian background. Based in San Francisco, I create all of my original designs from scratch. All print designs are carved and printed by hand in small batches locally in my home studio. 

A New Zealand-American, I originally grew up in southern California before moving north to the City by the Bay. My Father comes from beautiful Aotearoa, where his family settled after leaving the islands of Samoa. I am very passionate about sharing and representing my culture with others, hoping to spread the alofa (love) across the globe. Representation is what drives me, as there is not a lot of proper representation of my culture and my people in the mainstream media and art community here in the United States. I have spent my entire life yearning to see my culture or other Pacific Islanders represented beyond tiki bars and sweet rum drinks. Through my art, I hope to be that representation for other Pacific Islanders here in the US and in our local Bay Area community. I dream of a day that a Samoan kid can walk down the streets of SF and see themselves represented in the public art and local street mural scene.

A self-taught printmaker, I began my printmaking journey in 2017 after coming across a book on relief printing at a local bookstore. I have always had a passion for the creative arts, crafting from a very young age (raise your hand if you spent many a childhood evening at Michael’s Arts and Crafts!). While printmaking is just the beginning of Afakasi Prints, I have also expanded to murals, pottery, workshops and more. 

Fa’afetai Tele Lava (Thank you so much) for visiting. xoxo